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Web review - 30/01/2015

Unlock creativity, yes, but by strengthening the creators’ rights

Copyright is in the hot seat, accused of restraining the development of the digital market. The Reda report – called after the representative of the Pirate Party – presented at the beginning of the week at the European Parliament is the first stone laid in this debate this year. Without any surprise, it trims the foundations of the copyright in favor of the users. 

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A parliamentary report calls for the dislocation of the copyright

The European rules regarding copyright should be reevaluated to give more rights to Internet users. This is the position of a draft report published on January 19th by the MEP Julia Reda, representative of the Pirate Party. 

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The violent criticism by the right-holders against the European MP of the Pirate Party

Without surprise, the right-holders rejected massively the report of the European MP of the Pirate Party, Julia Reda. “This draft report only copy and paste proposals expressed these last ten years by Pirate parties and the partners of a no-rule Internet”. 

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Does Europe want to drown tax optimization in copyright?

At the end of January 2015, the European Commission organized a consultation regarding copyright. The last step of this movement as of today was embodied by the report by Julia Reda, European MP of the Pirate Party. Particularly smart, this list of suggestions tries, indeed, “to orchestrate a radical change of copyright” the publishing sector considers. 

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German Pirate MEP kicks off EU copyright debate

There should be one copyright law that applies to all EU member states, fixing the legal “absurdities” of the current regime, according to German pirate MEP Julia Reda.

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Copyright Reform: The European Parliament Must Follow the Reda Report!

MEP Julia Reda tables modest but welcome proposals for a reform of copyright, several of which have been supported by La Quadrature du Net.

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