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Web review - 28/09/2012

Smart TV, cloud and connected devices

Connected TV : a new border

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The rapid success of the digital television msut not hide another evolution which might transform, in the coming years, our uses and behaviors: the connected TV. READ



The economy of television (financing, audience, programs)

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In view of the changes of the audiovisual environment, the National center of cinema made an assessment of the economy of the French TV between 2002 and 2011. this study present the evolution of the channels' financing sources. READ


EU seeks wider use of cloud computing

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The European Union's executive arm will say this week that wider use of new technology to store data on off-site locations could create millions of new jobs in Europe. READ


The use of QR codes on smartphones in Europe doubled during the past year

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.comScore,Inc., one of the world's leader of the internet audience measurement, published tthe results of its service comScore MobiLens about hte use of smartphones and QR codes in the five main european markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom). READ