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Web review - 27/07/2012

Beirut aims to keep innovation at home

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Historically, Lebanon's risk-taking entrepreneurs have left the familiarity of home to seek better opportunities abroad. Today, this same pioneering spirit is being seen in the technology sector at home, where a handful of start-ups are trying their hand, and where they face uncharted territory. READ


The street art serves the city

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Most citizens are not awareof the fact their streets host a real contemporary treasure. Street art should be a part a our historical and cultural heritage, and yet, vandalism gives it a bad press. To solve this problem, the city of Lisbon launched an open air gallery art, fully dedicated to urban art. READ


Un-American Activities

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John Ford’s Westerns, Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, Woody Allen’s Upper East Side: American movies used to be set in America. Not anymore. READ



Historical digitization of cultural archives in the Middle-East

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The British Library and the Qatar Foundation link up for a great project of digitalization of half a million archive pages. This ambitious partnership aims at transforming the understanding of people of the history of Middle-East and the Gulf region, as well as changing the relationships with Great Britain and the rest of the world. READ


Press release – cultural tourism

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