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Web review - 27/02/2015

Can a paper Maginot Line prevent the book streaming from emerging?

Fleur Pellerin : the digital book is too expensive for “many readers”

The advice note was expected and the book mediator, Laurence Engel, had handed it over to the Minister of Culture. Immediately thereafter, Fleur Pellerin thus had the arguments that strengthened her first intervention. The unlimited subscription “does not seem legal” she explained in December 2014. From now on, the advice note of the Mediator is issued and consolidates the Ministry’s position.

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Will the Engel report destroy the book streaming?

The Engel report, ordered by Fleur Pellerin, considers illegal the offers of unlimited subscription proposed by Youboox, Youscribe or even Amazon. Curiously, these companies hail such conclusions.

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Bad News for Kindle Unlimited in France?

France is once again putting pressure on Amazon, this time through ebook subscription. Ironically, France’s homegrown subscription services may suffer more.

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VAT on the digital book could be highly augmented in 2015

The 5,5% VAT rate entered into force in France in 2013. For its part, Europe has always considered that VAT on dematerialized goods should be of 20% and equal in all the countries. The EU considers France to be breaking the law on this subject.

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The freedom to read (in unlimited access) is attacked

The battle between publishing houses rages and takes more and more various forms. France, the land of cultural exception, is an ideal field for new offensives from publishers’ lobbies.

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