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Web review - 26/04/2013

E-Books, What's Going On ?

E-books, not as popular in  France as in the US or the UK, is modifying so much the publishing buisness, and all its process. Lets have a closer look at self-publishing and at Amazon Kindl Single. Interesting propositions that can show us what's becoming the books world. E-texts are becoming the new text ? What says the Pulitzer prize comission ?


E-books in France

Read on Le Point

In France, e-books still are a minime market, but growing very fast. Digitalization is an irreversible process. Does it represent the dead of paper books ? Certainly not, however, the situation is deeply modified. READ


Amazon Broadens Its Terrain

Read on the New York Times

Mr Blum portrait. In spite of what's said about him, he's such an interesting and intelligent buisnessman, and he's the Amazon Kindl Single service director. This is a new system based in digital technology, where extremly selected novela-lenght authors can now share in the profits, instead of getting a flat fee.What a brilliant idea ?  READ


Self-publishing extends

Read on El Pais

The spanish case illustrate really well what's going on in other countries. Production in the book industry is changing a lot. Fewer and fewer people between the authors and the readers. Is it a danger for publishers ? Not really, authors have to assume the risks. However, after a selfpublishing success, little authors prefer to pursue with a known publisher. Exacly the contrary of what J.K.Rowling is doing with Pottermore... READ


An Online Media Won The Pulitzer Prize

Read on the Washington Post

InsideClimate News won the Pulitzer Prize last week for its coverage of the 2010 enbridge pipeline spill in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River. They have only 7 employees and no office ! This group of journalist scattered in different countries does real invegative journalism and quality reports in climate and energy issues.   READ