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Web review - 25/10/2013

Creativity, a bridge between culture and digital

Les industries créatives : catalyseurs d'innovation et nouvelles ambassadrices de la Suisse ?

In a society transformed by new technologies and the growing political power of cities, ecosystems of creative industries are an opportunity for Swiss innovation. What if Switzerland realized this? What if Switzerland considered exporting this talent?      

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Aurélie Filippetti launches a "digital autumn"

As part of the national project for the artistic and cultural education, the Minister of Culture and Communication launches a "digital autumn". A set of major events, exchanges and moments of artistic practices will allow everyone to find in a concrete way crossed digital and cultural education issues.Three highlights punctuate this sequence: a "mashup" workshop, an "hackathon" around cultural public data and a day devoted to discussions of cultural transmission in the digital age.Digital Autumn is also a range of events and initiatives throughout the territory.


Culture, Influence(s) and Digital

Over and above France, an ambitious European policy for culture should be implemented at all levels: Art work traffic control, taxation, copyright and rights management ... The Scam think appropriate the convocation of new States-General for culture in the digital age.         

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Capture video : "Education à la technologie et au numérique :Ouverture"Gaité Lyrique : education to technology and digital

Government measures roadmap on digital specifically target young people and digital education. But at the time when everyone agrees a necessary accompaniment of "digital natives" in this area, much remains to be done in terms of implementation of real public education policies to digital. This introductory morning proposed to tackle this issue from examples of programs under implementation and from research...