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Web review - 25/04/2014

Series are transforming the global audiovisual ecosystem (episode 1)

3 hours and 14 minutes per day : this is the average time spent watching TV in the world in 2013, according to a Eurodata TV Worldwide study. Those edifying figures prove that TV still has influence, especially thanks to the power of cable television, and the creativity of series creators. This global creative and addictive phenomenon structures the media ecosystem. The exacerbation of competition from one hand, and spectator’s expectations from the other are stimulating creativity as much as the platforms avidity for content.

Entertainment shows and series champions of the audiovisual economy

The habitants of the 5 biggest European countries are watching TV 43 minutes per day more than 20 years ago, according to Eurodata TV Worldwide. The study One year of Television in the world comes back the tendency and the new consumption practices of TV. Read on


5 Reasons why TV’s top shows are so addictive

There's science behind what makes your favorite shows so hard to miss.

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The « Breaking Bad » school

The best show on television is also a first-rate primer on business. There are obvious reasons for watching « Breaking Bad » for once the Hollywood hype surrounding the television series is justified. But there is also a less obvious reason: it is one of the best studies available of the dynamics of modern business.

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« Game of Thrones » : an authentic guide of foreign policy

In its book, George R.R Martin revels the keys of how to maintain power: pragmatism, international trade and private diplomacy.

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« Game of Thrones » : download record for the star serie of HBO

With 1,5 million people downloading the episodes on the first day they were released, the success of the Games of thrones is also the symbol of accepted pirating practices at a large scale. 

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