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Web review - 24/05/2013

The "Big Four",  future players of the cultural world?

As the CEO of Google, E.Schmidt designates Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, the "Big Four" tends to dominate the digital world. Competing with each others, they split whole markets and they are willing to pay high prices to dominate one market. Books, movies, video games, cultural products are the latest targets of the Internet giants: they turn gradually from distributors to content publishers. What kind of links the "Big Four" is establishing with traditional cultural players? How do they change the relationships between content creators and consumers?

The Fantastic Four

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According to circumstance, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook either join their forces or tear each other apart. They were used to share well-defined areas -hardware, research, e-commerce and social- but the borders are no longer well-defined and the Big Four encroach on their respective territory : cultural products will  play high stakes in this battle.


Amazon and the fanfiction

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Since October 2011, Amazon competes with publishers. Nowadays, the compagny is turning into an editor of a new kind : the digital self-publishing platform Kindle Worlds will allow fans to post their own texts and to put them into sale. A new publishing logic that questions the copyright and disrupts the traditional distribution strategies...


Google and music streaming

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With Google Play Music Access, the new subscription offering an unlimited access to a music catalog, Google challenges Apple on the streaming market. The service provides an unique playlist created from the musical preferences of the users : this is a new example of how Google changes our relations to culture. The article also notes that Google gradually creates an ecosystem from which the consumer can't escape.