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Web review - 23/01/2015

Amazon Studios vs Netflix : Generation Hashtag TV wins in Hollywood.

Barely three years… It took Amazon Studios, the e-shopping giant’s subsidiary, less than three years – between the launch of its first two series Alpha House and Betas in 2013 and two Golden Globes for Transparent in the beginning of 2015 – to gain the recognition of Hollywood. Netflix, with also two Golden Globes, confirms that TV series are entering a new era.

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Bittorent, Netflix, Amazon... The new series producers challenging television

Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, BitTorrent …These businesses, yet they operate in very different fields on the Internet, have one thing in common: they became producers and broadcasters of content which was initially television’s prerogative. If some of them such as Netflix are even eying on cinema, they above all have their hearts set on TV series.

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With Win, Amazon Shakes Up Yet Another Industry vec Win

Among the usual names invoked during the acceptance speeches at Sunday’s Golden Globes — Harvey Weinstein, Scott Rudin, Les Moonves — was an unusual one: the tech billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of Amazon

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Amazon has watershed week as content producer

As production and licensing expenses increase, Amazon and Netflix may have to adopt an ad-supported model.

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Why Amazon Is Getting Into Feature Films

Amazon is doubling down on plans to become a company that makes media, instead of being one that just sells it. On Monday January 19th, the company announced it will begin producing movies for theaters, with the goal of releasing a dozen original titles each year.

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PRODUCTION TIPS: 6 questions to ask before submitting to Amazon Studios

But now, Amazon Studios is offering the public at large the opportunity to make their filmmaking dreams come true.  And while the opportunity offered still requires talent and work, at least there is a peace of mind knowing that Amazon Studios is offering a legitimate opportunity and not just a huckster's pipe dream. 

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