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Web review - 19/09/2014

Data is not ourselves until we are data overload

Internet by object, self and quantified data : we are just at the beginning of our data-driven beings, for the best (improving of our personal and natural resources..) but also for the worst ( comparison and savage scoring, normalisation…) it is time that personal data uses (private and public) are though over with regards to the protection of our fundamental rights. This without penalising innovation.

Data Overload: Is the ‘Quantified self’ really the future?

Welcome to the age of the “quantified self,” where smartphones, smart glasses and other brainy gadgets track and analyse everything from your calories consumed to your hours slept with the goal of self-improvement.  But can all of this data really add up to healthier people?

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Insurance Companies Want to Use Your Personal Data to Determine Your Premiums

Even if quantified-self and smart home movements are still in their early stages. For insurance companies there’s big incentive to move things along. Health, home, and car insurance companies are all beginning to offer programs that give lower premiums to customers who share their own data.

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iPhone 6: Doctors Raise Concerns Over Apple HealthKit

Apple’s health offering is called ‘Healthkit’ and connects with both the sensors in your phone and third party products. HealthKit will display all their information in one phone with an easy to read dashboard. On the surface it sounds great, so what is it that is raising wider concern in the medical industry?

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Apple: HealthKit app developers can't sell collected data

Apple is taking steps toward ensuring it has the trust of its users in the mobile health arena. The first of these steps is to ensure that user data is kept away from advertisers and data brokers.

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The Internet by objects: an El Dorado very desired.

This has been a forecasted revolution, the Internet by objects represent a huge shift in daily consumer uses. Value and job creators, they are a big stake for French companies, but also forinternational ones, which is a sign of a future fierce competition. 

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The future classic home will avec 500 internet by objects by 2022.

The revolution of the Internet by objects is in the way. According to a recent study, the typical household will be fitted with more than 500 Internet by objects by 2022. Televison, video games console but also household electrical goods, transport ones, security ones, health ones and fitness ones… The household represent an indefinite deposit for Internet by objects.

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Photo credit: Osman Kalkavan