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Web review - 18/07/2014

Poisonous arm-wrestling in the publishing business

The endless arm-wrestling between Amazon and Hachette illustrates not only the balance of power for the book distribution mainly for e-book, but really - that the Kurt Salmon study for the Forum of Avignon 2013 had analyzed - a takeover of the publishing business added value.

Amazon vs. Hachette: The Battle for the Future of Publishing

The dispute is more than just a contractual tiff between a big publisher and a major retailer. Rather, it is a fight for the future of publishing itself.

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KPMG start a barometer about the digital book in France

- More than 6 in 10 publishing house have taken the digital shift (62, 5%).
- For 97,1% of the publishers who have a digital offer, the digital book don’t “cannibalize” printed sale.
- 71,4% of the publishers has opted for a solution that aims at fighting against pirating.

Read : Barometre 2014 ebook KPMG

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2014 Book Publishing Industry Predictions -- Increased Competition Between Traditional Publishers and Indie Authors

Predictions stir our imagination of what's possible. By imagining what's possible, readers and authors can prepare for the future, or take steps to realize the future they desire.

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When it is not more a question than of choosing a book according to the color of its cover, we can assert that we enter the realm of the truly objectified book.

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E-Book could be the future of Social Media

In the future, e-books will act just like social networks. We’ll use them on our phones, share and comment right inside e-reader apps, and publishers will use our data to help them make better marketing decisions. If you think digital reading is exploding now, just wait.

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