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Web review - 18/04/2014

Cultural tourism & Big data: for a new way to travel

How to seduce and convince tourists nowadays? Personal cultural data, virtual and interactive visits, Phone Apps, drones, Google glasses... are now part of a technical panoply which aims at attracting and surprising visitors. 

In the US, cities take over smart technologies to boost tourism

The small cities of Ringgold (Georgia), Laguna Beach (California) and Natchez (Mississippi) challenge their imagination to boost tourism thanks to digital technologies : drones, Google glasses and Phone Apps...
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Boosting tourism thanks’ to Big data: the new challenge of Orange Business Service (OBS)

The Flux Vision solution proposed by OBS help optimizing the touristic activity of the regions thanks to the analysis of Orange’s clients anonymous data. 
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Digital diving into the global heritage’s treasures with Google: the example of Angkor

The UNESCO and Google initiated a partnership that enable internet users to visit, via Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View, some of the historic sites classified in the UNESCO world heritage list. At the beginning of April, the temples of Angkor (Cambodia) thus entered the digital era.
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Niji and Issy-les-Moulinaux  city launch the first French “digital ballade” on Google glass

While in the US Google was organizing an exceptional flash sale of Google glasses on April the 15, Niji and Issy-les-Moulineaux city announced the launch of the Google  glass visit App of the “Fort d’Issy”. 
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The 2.0 Madeleine

The famous Parisian church could become the biggest connected device of the world. Residents propose to use new technologies to finance its restoration.
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