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Web review - 14/03/2014

Overview of the e-book in 2014

The 34th edition of the French Book Fair (from March 24th to 31th), offers the opportunity to give an overview of the digital book. Last 2013 august, Sainsbury's UK's e-book leader highlighted the slowdown of the anglo-saxon market (with a 5% growth in the first half of 2013 against 33% last year). At the same time, not only is the market  expanding in France (the annual growth rate is estimated at 20% between 2013 and 2017) and in Europe, but also within the emerging countries. The future of the e-book should eventually be considered through the diversification of publishing and creative practices and the rise of smart-phones as reading supports (cf. David Lacombled's post). For more datas :

Overview of the French e-book supply in 2014

About 62,5 % of French publishers are involved in numeric edition, according to a KPMG study. The e-book constitute a valuable opportunity of increasing profits for the French publishers, without compromising the printed book sector.

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How will the e-book market look like within three year ?

Thanks to the growing sucess of digital reading  and the increase of the numbers of tablets and eReaders among French households, e-book sales now represent 190 million of Euros and 4,5% of the whole book market in France in 2013. The Xerfit report confirms  the rise of Amazon, who could become the "first French library" within 2017.

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Brazil : more than one million of suscribers on the digital library

The success of the e-book is not confined to the occidental world.  The  lightning development of the Brzsilian digital library "Nuvem de Libros", launched two years ago, cats light on the  emergent actors of the e-book global market.

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Scientists find secret to writing a best-selling novel

Predicting the commercial success of a book should now be possible. Thanks to an algorithm developed by US scientists and the use of e-readers personal data, some believe they could find the secret of the "perfect book".

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A New edition models at the digital era

Self publishing  and crowd-funding transformed the landscape of the traditional publishing sector. With the example of the crowd-funded publisher Inkshare  , overview of the strategies of innovation and diversification implemented by the book sector professionals to face the «  digital revolution  ».

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