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Web review - 13/02/2015 (By CLIC France)

Welcome to the active visitor, a symbol of changing museum experience, according to Clic France’s 2014 trendbook

« Experience » was indisputably one of the key words in 2014. A symbol of this evolution: the visitor has turned into an active visitor according to Clic France’s trend book which was presented during the 6th National Meetings Culture & Innovation(s). Clic France analyzes the main digital innovations in museums and heritage sites, in France and worldwide.

The visit of a museum or of a heritage site cannot be limited to a passive process but must become a new form of experience in which the visitor interacts with the place, with its collections, with its exhibitions and with other visitors.

According to Clic France, the new active visitor is divided into five behaviors: a contributor, a creator, a player, a scheduler and even a fund-raiser. 


With Wikipedia, the city of Bordeaux bets on cultural digital technologies and open data

During the fourth edition of its Digital Week, Bordeaux reaffirmed its commitment in favor of cultural digital technologies, especially by signing a framework agreement with Wikipedia and organizing a Wiki Day with 10 cultural institutions in Bordeaux.

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The Colombus Museum of Art displays #MobilePhotoNow, the largest exhibition of mobile photographs ever organized in a museum

Since February 6th, 2015, the Colombus Museum of Art has proposed a new and off-the-wall exhibition: 300 amateur photographs hung in its rooms as part of the global contest #MobilePhotoNow.

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The first game on iPad by the V&A Museum is inspired by the textile designer William Morris

The artist William Morris, who passed away nearly 100 years ago, still inspires today’s creators. The famous designer is at the heart of the V&A Museum’s first game for iPad “Strawberry Thief”, conceived by the digital artist currently in residence in the museum, Sophia George.

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Worldwide audience is the curator of the Frye Art Museum’s new exhibition in Seattle.

The Frye Art Museum in Seattle invited web users from all around the world to become the curator of its new exhibition #SocialMedium. For two weeks in August 2014, the Frye Art Museum shared 232 paintings from its collection on the various social medias such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr and invited the audience to choose its favorite pieces of work.

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Jeanne d’Albret (Orthez, France) : first museum to launch the “pending ticket”

Since July 20th, 2014, the museum of Protestantism Jeanne d’Albret, located in Orthez, has innovated by introducing a concept of solidarity, the “pending ticket” inspired by the “pending coffee” and the “pending bread”.

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The digital browser created by NSW University will allow the visitors to explore and immerse in the collection of the Museum

The University NSW completes the development of an “interactive digital browser” for the Victoria Museum allowing its visitors to browse in a collection of 80.000 objects. 

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