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Web review - 12/09/2014

Is privacy becoming a luxury or remaining a community stake?

Infringements over stars’ and average citizens’ privacy are happening everyday via internet. Whatever merchants and States may think, privacy remains a sanctuary needed to be preserved. 

Privacy is not dead, she has become collective.

Facebook settings that are changing, pictures of stars that are hacked on iCloud… the concept of privacy seems to no longer exist on internet. Wrong, the sociologist Antonio Casilli answers. And those who question it, are doing it for ideological and mercantile reasons.

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Should governments do far more to protect online privacy ?

The Economist believes that. Are fears justified? And can privacy concerns be addressed best by making greater efforts to educate the public about the risks involved in sharing information over the web and enforcing current rules?

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The online privacy debate is already obsolete

Those advocating maximalist individual privacy are unlikely to cede any points to those arguing for greater openness, and vice-versa. But while this debate rages with no clear resolution in sight, consumers continue to make choices that change the terms of the debate. In fact, the whole question of how far individual privacy reaches online is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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The Privacy Debate Isn't About Secrets, It's About Control

While the US government’s snooping on citizens, and the somewhat regular hacking of consumer log-in and credit info have prompted much of the debate about privacy, the really thorny angle is lurking just under everyone’s radar.

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Is hacking on Internet causing the end of privacy?

Snowden case and the recent hacking of billions id on Internet by Russian hackers have revealed security system flaws on Internet. For Fabrice Epelboin, privacy is becoming a luxury good.

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