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Web review - 10/10/14

Selfie’s business

The selfie made us become the directors of our lives, in order to share them. The economic weight of this narcissism makes companies to take advantage of this worldwide trend to  

The people’s panopticon

It is getting ever easier to record anything, or everything, that you see. This opens fascinating possibilities—and alarming ones. 

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The ‘Selfie,’ Narcissism, and Innovation

Is it possible that these technological advancements have been paving the way for a narcissistic society–changing the focus of seeing, connecting with, and reaching out to others to having others see, connect, and admire thy self? 

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How 4 companies use selfie marketing to reach customers

Crafting a marketing message that ties into trending topics is key to catching the customer’s eye. Trend of the moment: the selfie. So trending, in fact, that last year the Oxford Dictionary named “selfie” the Word of the Year, and Instagram has more than 88 million photos that don the #selfie hashtag.

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How Shutterfly Benefits From Digitalization And Social Media

Shutterfly Inc. is an online retailer of personalized photo products. Although digital camera volumes have seen a steady decline in the past few years, rapid growth in smartphone sales offset this decline and boosted total growth in digital photography. Additionally, expanding Internet penetration globally and the rise of social media has resulted in explosive growth of capturing and sharing pictures.

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Instagram: why did Facebook paid such a high price for a business that does not bring any money back?

Instagram is a step further towards Facebook’s omniscience but is also a (little bit) risky gamble. Targeting Instagram makes sense for Facebook. Its photo sharing device on mobile is ugly and unpractical, whereas Instagram is attractive and efficient. With this purchase, Facebook levels up one of its weaknesses.

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What Microsoft And Apple Can Learn From Adobe About Cloud First

Adobe introduced a host of new apps and innovations to its Creative Cloud service. With Microsoft they announced a broad partnership to develop hardware and software together. At the immediate center of that partnership is the fact that Microsoft’s Surface 3 tablet computer is capable of running full versions of Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps, and more.

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Photo credit : Paško Tomić