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Web review - 09/05/2014

Cannes, cinema and fiscal attractiveness

On the eve of the 67th Festival de Cannes (14th-25th of May, 2014), cinema should not aim at a cultural impact or financial profitability, or even both, anymore. It also should adapt itself to the consumers’ expectations (in terms of experience, access and appropriation), according to the CineRegio report, and to the States’ ones, which seek to secure their audiovisual industry through fiscal attractiveness.

Audience In The Mind : a better understanding of new European audiences

The latest report commissioned by CineRegio in its series linked to the digital revolution has just been published. It focuses strongly on the close relationship between audience and content.

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How to adapt fiscal policies applying to cultural and audio-visual goods in the digital era?

The digital revolution created many challenges European fiscal policies applying to cultural and audio-visual goods and services in the digital era have been discussed by the European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity during a conference at the European Parliament on 11th February 2014.

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EFAD sets out a roadmap to reshape European audiovisual policy

At the recent meeting of the European Film Agency Directors (EFAD) in Paris, the members agreed that they would invest themselves fully in building the future of European film. There was a broad consensus that cultural and economic objectives are not contradictory. The main challenges faced by the audiovisual sector in a converging world necessitate a European answer.

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China's Film Industry : Strategic Opportunities

So you would like to invest in China’s film industry?  Does the competitive landscape offer opportunities to the strategic investor?  Here’s a view of the China film value chain

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Hollywood asks California to cut taxes for the film industry

You know things are bad when Hollywood liberals are asking California for a tax break. Film Works, an entertainment-industry advocate organization, recently launched an online petition asking California’s film and TV enthusiasts to lobby lawmakers to create greater incentives for production to stay within state borders.

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