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Web review - 07/06/2013

How Does Culture Encompass Territories ?  

This week, culture and territories. How does culture occupy territories ? What are the different scales ? A world biennale, a museum of different countries, local projects. Culture definitively has something to say and a lot to give, but culture needs also support and project leaders ! 

Worldwide: The Venice Biennale examples

Are biennales dangerous ? This week, The Economist, give us a recap about the different pavilions in the biennale. The question the artists ask is: How did the world get into such a mess ? Power, money (or the lack of it) are frequent themes in this biennale. If cuture has power, it can also be a counter-power ! 

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The MuCEM is the new museum located in Marseilles that seeks to be a place of cultural exchanges and artistic practices, a place for exhibitions, concerts, as well as  debates. Though it is still to early to determine whether or not the museum is a success, its mission to be a « cultural city » within a Mediterranean city torn between its rich historical culture, that earned it the title of « 2013 European cultural capital », and its contemporary culture heavily marked by the economic crisis, could be a source of hope. The MuCEM is thus a place of encounter between the past and the present. 

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Why Philanthropy Should Steam Ahead and Support the Creative Economy ?

Jacobs proposes to lighten the science-loaded connotation placed on STEM, an acronym which designates “science, technology, engineering, or math”, by adding an “A” for “art”. By advocating for this transition from STEM to STEAM, Jacobs encourages philanthropists to continue funding the arts, emphasizing the benefits society as a whole reaps from such innovative practices. When integrated in school curricula for example, the arts can spark interest in unmotivated students, who might not be inclined to the ‘hard sciences’ solely included in STEM.

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Investing Culture in Brittany 

A hoow-to bookpublished by the region of Brittany in France. It's an invitation for all the project leaders to include art and culture in their projects. The Regional Counsil is convinced that Art anr Culture are factors of development (in all the senses) and social cohesion. It's also the ocasion of make culture meet other audiences than those from museums and theaters ! 

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