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Web review - 04/10/2013

From TV channels to self-service screens

Reference measurements and behavior show the power of TV content whatever the screens, mobile or home. If new uses including smartphones and tablets strengthen consumer TV, the concept of traditional channels is doomed to end.

Deloitte study tablets, smartphones complementarities on the French telecommunications market

In the next 12 months, 50% of respondents (71% of 25-34 year olds) are very likely to buy a smartphone and 21% a tablet according to the "Global Mobile Consumer Survey" 2013 Deloitte study. There are no cannibalization from tablets and mobile phones. The major uses of the phone remain traditional. The tablet is considered the easiest gateway and more ergonomic to use online (email: 54% - Web navigation: 52% - shopping: 49%) at the expense of PC.

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Lack of 'conscious desire' holds back Smart TV use

Despite a so-called desire to receive content and services across their connected TV, most consumers lack the will to connect with their access. 


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More TV but less than TVs

At the time of all connected and real-time, global TV consumption has increased further in the first half of 2013 (more than 3:20 for the Dutch and almost 5 hours for americans). The study Eurodata TV Worldwide-Médiamétrie shows that its changes screens and nature. Those who practice social TV (relay Internet broadcasts) consume more TV than others.   

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