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Web review - 02/05/2014

(Web) series are transforming the global audio-visual ecosystem (episode 2)

If the series are consolidating the cable network economic model, web series represent an alternative supply for the pure players wishing to get, at a lower cost, a historically internet native clientele. As the genre is now taken seriously, big operations can begin.

Yahoo Makes New Push Into Video Content

The internet company is raising its ambitions about online video, with plans to acquire the kind of original programming that typically winds up on high-end cable-TV networks and streaming services like Netflix, people briefed on the company's plans said.

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Some web series which appeal to the Millennium’s kids

With online videos always longer, analogue to TV production in quality and ten times cheaper, several web producers presented their best web series at the MIPTC (International Market of TV programmes) on Wednesday , hoping to sell them to TV channels. 

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Spain world champion of web series!

It has turned Spain into the new Hollywood of fiction on the internet. Without exaggerating, or so little, the crisis generated a huge wish to say things freely and good reasons to do it without waiting anything from anybody.

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Will 2014 Be the Year of the Web Series? Sundance & IFP Take On Serialized Content

While over the years some great storytelling has emerged from the internet in the form of serialized content, the web series hasn’t always gotten its due. This may be partly because the arena is full of less-than-outstanding, but also because nobody tended to take them seriously.

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