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Web review - 01/08/2014

Are festivals a bargain for territories and artists?

At the core of a morose music industry, festivals are considered gifts and opportunities for the artists with granting them with proper incomes and possibilities of becoming famous. They often have at their disposal considerable budgets, in France the average amounts to 929 thousands euros, and they are involved in the new attractiveness territories thanks to their aura and their economic fallouts. From their financing to their organization, festivals have turned into a real industry.

Organizing the jazz world’s biggest street party

How biggest festival are organized? How do they arise and develop themselves to ensure their sustainability? Festivals are often due to passionate persons but need many things to work.

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Summer festivals in France : a real good deal

During all the summer, many French towns organize their festivals. From Jazz to opera through theatre or Rock. As many events as their starting cultural aim boost local economies.

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Making Money In The Music Industry

In the past, the formula for success for every band  was pretty simple: release an album, play it on the radio, sell millions of copies and then stage a tour but now the music industry context has totally changed and participation to festivals has been one of the best way to make money.

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How Coachella, Bonnaroo and More Festivals Revamped the Music Industry

Welcome to the strange economics of the modern rock festival, where every summer, defunct or dormant bands reunite to earn more for a few gigs than they did in years of touring and recording.

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Photo credit : Vinch