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Wanna get Amen? Reflections on the culture of opining in social networks

The internet and the digital revolution have changed the way how society manages knowledge. 

credit : Paul G


The WorldWideWeb has made every scientific, historical or statistical fact accessible, creating an endless storage of information and knowledge. In this environment of unstoppable flowing information, so-ciety’s need for structure and order grows. Factual knowledge is no longer in demand, but opinion and orientation is. It seems there is a market for opinion and the German startup Amen tries to oper-ate on this market. By offering a syntactical corset, it enables its users to opine on basically anything, may it be in a negative or a positive way: “Charlie Sheen is the best actor ever”. And the possibilities to react to those expressions of opinion, in the negative or the affirmative eventually creates a hier-archy which brings structure.  The critical questions though are the ones of profitability: Can compa-nies like Amen find a market for opinion? Can it accumulate enough users to give the expressed opin-ions worth? Do these ways of structuring information via opinion actually benefit the user in his or her everyday struggle for oversight in a disorienting world?

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A contribution from the Freie Universität Berlin, by Judith Schilling, Rene Reineke and Francesco Giammarco, supervised by Carola Richter.