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"The thousand time dance", by Mourad Merzouki

Does culture / creative imagination give you a reason to hope?

Obviously! My passions, dance and choreography shape my identity as an individual and as an artist in the relationship with the others. I was born in France, son of immigrants, with doubts and questions, and the way people see me has changed since I am a dancer. My own reactions have also changed. Dance helps me to occupy a clear place on the society. More than a reason to hope, it is a hope come true: the artistic disciplines change the look, the image, the conception, the apprehension of the individuals. In a positive way.


Who embodies it the best?

A man in black and white: Charlie Chaplin. I like his connection to the scene, to the show: what he is doing with nothing, between emotion and humor. He deeply influenced my work.


What, in your performances, embodies your reason to hope?

In my performances, I do not tell about my doubts, my anger. I do not want to get locked in only one style. I like the diversity of artists on the same stage – from the favelas to the Eastern European music – but also the different interpretations offered to the viewers. The performance is a bridge between the countries, the cultures. It embodies diversity and is a real opening to the world, with also a better understanding.


How would you like to pass it on to future generations?

The hip-hop is a culture coming from the street, not from the conservatoire. Even if its history is young, some dancers have become grand fathers!

The passing on of this dance during those years was spontaneous with codes which belong to a generations stemming from ghettos. Today, the people do not only practice hip-hop in the street and in the suburbs, but it also happens in theaters, dance schools, conservatoires and national choreographic centers, which makes it multigenerational. Essential crossings for its transmission and evolution.