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Thoughts around investing in culture, by Maja Krog

I was at the Forum d'Avignon 2011 as a student from the Kaospilots, Denmark. Here is my thoughts and reflections on how I saw the conference as a whole:

What thoughts around investing in culture has this created?

I am a ambassador of culture! I don't care which kind of culture it is, who gets to do it, who gets to enyoy it or who gets rich from it. I care about the value it creates in people. And I want as much culture as we can get! It is from the love of the culture that I say, IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING, SET IT FREE! Share culture and the the world will let you live from it! 


What had the greatest impact on me?

I was surprised to see how little dialogue the conference made room for. It seemed more like a network event, than a knowledge sharing, discussion and problem-solving event. I would have loved for more discussions, open dialogues, involvement from the audience and curiousity towards the students eyes on the whole issue. I feel there was a lot more potential in the room for value creation, than the conference frames aloud.

What value did it created then?

There was a huge amount of interesting people at the conference, and it gave everyone the opportuity to meet and discuss the issues cross discipline and status. That was extremely valueable!

So what did i learn?

I learned that the conference world could really need a "shake-up". We need to ask ourselves: 

Why are we here? 

What do we want out of the time we have together?

Then what does that call us to do?!

In other words





Maja Krog