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Summer festivals 2015 : open-air cultural ecosystems

Web review - 03/07/2015

Avignon, Aix, Reims, Vieilles charrues, Hellfast… More than ever, summer festivals remain as ecosystems – often open-air – to reinvent cultural experience by mixing formats, places and genres, even screens (see. brief report from the FA/Kurt Salmon/Netflize OBC on June 10), to seduce new spectators and encourage a better ‘living together’.

Despite a darkened mood caused by the popular ‘cultural crisis map’ (counting and listing canceled events and closed down institutions) is a worry enough to justify the ministry of culture to commission a ‘diagnostic’ on artistic, social and technological creativity of festivals – this calls for new reasons to hope. 

Olivier Py invites illegal migrants during the “in” of the Festival d’Avignon

Invited in at the last minute of the “in” festival, illegal migrants were in a show produced as part of CND of Aubervilliers’ programming. But these amateur comedians are waiting to be regularised based on the intervention of the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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Festivals under the pressure to reinvent their formats to face the competition.

Competition between festivals is now European with more than 4,000 festivals planned for this summer. The consequences are: big stars unavailable and even more expensive. To face the situation, festivals are signing international partnership and are attempting to make their public more loyal by proposing advantageous fess and formats.

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Les Vielles Charrues innovate with contactless payment technology

The NFC technology (Near Field Communication) uses an electronic chip place inside a bracelet and readers like tablets or other mobiles devices that allows direct payment without cash. The advantages are numerous for both the public and the organizers. On one side, more liquid cash, faster payments in bars and bracelets that can be deactivated when lost. On the other, real-time management of stocks on each stand, a cash reserve before the event, penny level price adjustments, etc.

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Facial recognition technology, guarantee of security for festival organizers.

Handheld technology “Neoface surveillance” consists of scanning faces of festivalgoers filmed using cameras on the stage, which are compared within a database. The measure aims to cut down on theft and fraud. Already tested at the Downloading Festival in the United Kingdom, many festival organisers express their wish to use this new security tool.

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Online show: a relay bringing more profits to festivals

The report Online shows: a new stage? Deciphering and levers of growth again focused on “advantages not only economical but also cultural and social could be brought by a rich and diversified offer of shows online”. Commissioned by the Prodiss, the consultancy Idate emphasized how faced with the growth, it’s also important to guarantee the copyright within this new driver of growth.

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Photo credit: Axel Coeuret