What strategies for sustainable employment and urban development planning?

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Second edition of the barometer « Cultural appeal of an international selection of major cities » - What strategies for sustainable employment and urban development planning?

The Ineum Consulting/Kurt Salmon 2010 study for the Forum of Avignon analyzes the interrelation between culture and the economic performance of territories.

The analysis of a 47 cities from all around the world panel confirms the economic importance of the cultural sector (3.4% of the panel’s employment), and suggests that territories focusing on culture have a lower and decreasing unemployment rate. 

The selection of the fields of activity and the cross- sectoral cooperation are two key factors in the success of cultural strategies. The availability of trainings and education in culture constitutes a competitive asset as well; it is however not sufficient to ensure local employability.

These results are leading to several outlooks:

- How can new ways of cooperation be developed between private sector, public sector, education centers and creative people? 
- How to open up the fields of study to foster creativity, improve the integration into working life, and attract businesses? 
- How can culture and local heritage be promoted through digital technologies and big events?

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