Monetizing digital media and culture : creating value that consumers will buy - Study Ernst & Young

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Monetizing digital media and culture : creating value that consumers will buy - Ernst & Young Survey 

Technology has fundamentally changed how and where consumers access content, fragmenting audiences and revenue streams. M&E companies have to learn how to defragment consumer relationships to reconnect with audiences. While the online payment is growing, the free Internet myth is well ingrained. M&E companies are searching new ways to monetize online products and services. They are developing multiple paid content strategies that focus on value for consumer.
Micropayment is reemerging as a monetization strategy amid increasing pressure to unbundle content and price it in a way to maximize incremental consumption and minimize the canabilsation of existing revenue streams.
But how to make micropayment work in media and culture industries?

Ernst & Young survey of the consumption habits in 12 countries (Germany, Brazil, China, South Korea, Spain, USA, France, India, Italy, Japan, UK and Russia) and interviews with economists and C-Suite executives from leading media companies enabled Ernst & Young to make the following 3 proposals :


1. Innovative offerings based on the bundling of content as a service
2. Introducing a pricing policy based on the direct-to-consumer model and services
3. Adapt of internal systems (information, management, payment) to make the new business models work.

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