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Report - New Generations and digital culture

Publication: New generations and digital culture, by Atelier BNP Paribas 

Forum d'Avignon 2012 – The international study in 5 countries (France, Germany, United States of America, India, South Korea) conducted by the Atelier BNP Paribas for the Forum d’Avignon about the Y generation confirms trends and reveals a few surprises.

Some trends are clearly identified regarding the access to the cultural contents:

  • Sufficiency (86%), ease (93.5%) and free (82%): the young people massively share the ideals of the internet,
  • the popularity of the free access financed by the advertising (70%) benefits from the fact that is more convenient for the young people both in terms of ease and cost of use
  • the digital cultural contents are now consumed online rather than downloaded
  • The young people also are full of surprises:
  • 72% declare that they feel concerned about the copyright of cultural actors
  • 80% are aware of the system of copyright protection of their country
  • to pay the authors, they are in favor of contracts relying on free contents financed by the advertising (75.5%),
  • the main source of cultural discovery remains the ‘word-of-mouth’ of close friends and relatives,
  • the sharing and creation of new contents are a frequent trend
  • the creation of  new cultural contents concerns all types of contents
  • These statements open many perspectives:
  • In terms of formation, the Y generation is far from being passive and relies on the digital to develop new contents, should not we encourage this ability through institutional educational ways to develop it?
  • in terms of diversity, are not the access and use of more and more performing creation tools giving an advantage to the countries where the young people train de facto with those strategic tools to face the economic and social challenges of the 21st Century?


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