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The Fabric of innovation – Management and creation, perspectives for the economic growth

Forum d'Avignon 2012 – It is at the heart of the workshop – collective or virtual – that creative imagination takes shape. 

In the anthropological mutations and the current techniques, does the ‘fabric’ of creativity change? With the predominance of aggregators and mediators, are the innovating practices in the creative industries? How do the trainings and jobs integrate those changes of paradigm to generate creative people? Can we “make” new creative methods and make the productive and social economy benefit from them?

At the creation of the Forum d’Avignon in 2008, the reconciliation of culture

and the economy came as quite a challenge. The importance of the cultural

and creative industry is becoming increasingly more important because of its effect on the economy and its positive effects in regions and on social cohesion.

These industries represented 4.5% of GDP in 2008 and 3.8% of European jobs; an even more significant influence throughout the rest of the world: 8.41% of assets and 12% of GDP (1.25 trillion dollars) in the USA in 2002. In China,

the sector employed 1.48 of the working population in 2006 and contributed

2.45% of GDP, or a turnover of 47.6 billion Euros.


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