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Report - For a Europe of culture

With 4% of the European GDP and 8,5million employees in Europe (in 2013 according to Toutel’, it’s unlikely that governments and businesses could build the future of Europe without culture! The 2014 Manifesto “Reinventing a creative European urban space”, launched by theCatalyse network (Avignon, Essen, Bilbao), underlines the fruitful link between culture, economic growth and social cohesion. By its impact on territorial attractiveness and citizen better living, culture is a strategic necessity for the future of Europe. The Forum d’Avignon wants to replace the culture at the heart of the European political debate. 

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Table of contents:
1. Tribunes / manifestos / propositions of the Forum d’Avignon 
2. Forum d’Avignon surveys
3. Key figures
4. UE cultural programmes
5. Editions and debates of the Forum d’Avignon
6. Selective bibliography