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Report - Emphasis on The Crowdfunding

The Forum d’Avignon is proud to present this second compilation of articles published in partnership with the Sciences Po School of Communication, around the theme “Culture and Power”.

Born thanks to Internet and social networks, crowdfunding designates a group-financing model. It is a kind of micro-donation system that allows the public to fund mainly, but not solely, artistic and cultural projects. If crowdfunding succeeds in raising funds, the collected amounts serve generally as completments that allow the achievement of the project. 

The outlets used for crowdfunding thus serve as a moderating intermediary between web users and cultural industries: they show that the public is ready to fund cultural projects, which contradicts the ‘free crisis’ currently inflicting certain cultural products.     

However, does crowdfunding represent a democratic impetus in which the citizen funds cultural products and thus possesses a right to oversee their creative content, or on the contrary, does it represent a dictatorship of the mass in which the power gained by the citizen could threaten cultural creations? 

Is the crowfunding the heyday or the wilt of culture ? 

The outlets for group funding incarnate and reveal the transformations that culture is undergoing due to the development of digital technologies: funding is running low on steam, funding practices are consequently changing, power dynamics are altering. Even though it is difficult to have exact information about crowdfunding projects, players or participants, this article puts into connection cultural transformations with the mesmerizing crowdfunding phenomenon. Are we all creators? Are we all producers ? The discourse remains vague and is hinged upon the so-called power gained by consumers.     

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