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Report – « Culture & the city », the creative city

‘Creative’, ‘smart’, ‘connected’: the augmented city, from the metropolis to the region, is not only the hard core of every economic and territorial development. It is also an issue regarding identity, or even regarding brand. Culture is playing a dominating role in turning the urban spaces into attractive cities. 

How much more creative can you get? Essen, Bilbao, Cracow, Lille…: what do they have in common? Creativity and culture, of course! The concept of creative cities, forged by Charles Landry[1] and Richard Florida’s works in the 1980’s, refers to the potentials of the culture to turn creativity into long-lasting prosperity for the urban populations. Since it became a label or an attractiveness factor, it also benefited from a stimulating posterity. « The cultural importance of the biggest cities is walking hand in hand with their financial or commercial statute, the report « Culture in the Cities » by the World Cities Culture Forum[2] (WCCR, 2012) underlines. The cultural and creative activities are also some precious tools of urban regeneration. » To such an extent that every urban initiative is becoming creative: from the creation of a cultural equipment or event… to the management of motorists or the traffic circles!



1. Studies of the Forum d’Avignon

2. Editions and debates of the Forum d’Avignon

3. External and thematic bibliography

4. Some speakers and researchers about creative cities

5. Projects, key-numbers, case studies, classified by geographical zone




[1] Extract of an article by the Forum d’Avignon: City of future, a concentrate of culture and innovation, published in the review Influencia, June 2014 about the City.

[2] The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators Routledge, 1995