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Editorial by Laure Kaltenbach,Managing director of the Forum d'Avignon

While the new European Commission is redrafting copyright in the light of the current digital revolution, all the players of the cultural and creative ecosystem must express themselves in a concerted way, beyond their respective occupations, to share the triple (artistic, social and economic) nature of culture and speak out on the key challenges of remuneration for creation, the positive effects of copyright and intellectual property for citizens and companies, or the questioning of business practices. Beyond the specificity of every profession of the sector, this is about anchoring this strong idea so as not to be reduced to the rank of “contents”: culture is not a commodity like any other… and creation is what unites them. 

If the sacred union of French public authorities and rights management companies announces a strong resistance, creators and users must mobilize with real proposals for the future. The Forum d'Avignon is at their side to build and make concrete proposals. 

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The steps of the Reda report

15th of Jan. 2015 – Reda report – Handed and presented to the Committee on Legal Affairs

19th of Jan. 2015 – France’s answer to the Reda report (in French)

30th of Jan. 2015 Tribune of the Forum d’Avignon "Unlock creativity, yes, but by strengthening the creators’ rights" by Laure Kaltenbach and Olivier Le Guay

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Forum d’Avignon's web review - 30th of Jan 2015 : Unlock creativity, yes, but by strengthening the creators’ rights