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"Re-instilling some fun and desire through culture", by Emesha

How does Culture / creative imagination give you a reason to hope?

Technical innovations opening new opportunities to move towards more sustainable means of production give me a reason to hope. Another improvement granted by such innovations is their ability to allow us to change the way we educate people with the help of social media in a fun and interactive way.

Who embodies it the best?

Artists with a real voice, who are able to express themselves and  make themselves heard, are for me the best embodiment of the power of culture.

What would be the personal initiative / project / work that embodies your reason to hope?

I run a sustainable clothing company using only natural, organic and recycled fabrics.  By attracting a fairly younger clientele (25-35 year-old ‘influencers’) EMESHA would like to put the emphasis on ‘green’ being ‘cool’ and desirable through which I hope to educate and influence a new generation.

How would you like to pass it on to future generations?

I would like to pass it on to future generation by educating young adults so that they will raise their children with core values.