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Study - Intellectual property in a digital world

Engaging for intellectual property, 16 countries analyzed - Ernst & Young study

From Napster to Deezer : more than 10 years separate those two music platforms, with on the one hand a symbol for piracy, since then transformed into a legal platform, and on the other hand a streaming service allowing the listening of music without buying it, based on a funding through advertisement or subscription. The world has changed as the web grew taking on a new dimension. Halfway through the path, intellectual property has been confronted with new challenges: adapting itself to the technical context, taking into account the emergence of disrupting uses , promoting innovation and the apparition of new offers – and above all allowing the artists to finance their projects and creation to keep developing. These stakes are, among others, the ones described in the international study carried out by Ernst & Young for the 2011 edition of the Forum d’Avignon.

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