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The Power of Artists

In partnership with the Communication School of Sciences Po Paris, the Forum d'Avignon publishes theme-specific files about Power and Culture, the theme of its 2013 edition.   

Artists are in the heart of the creation processus. Since the creation is source of innovation and power, creators should be aware of their own influence. Then, measuring the power of artists passes by an analysis of habits and relations between artists and economic and institutional actors. If the enterprises see in their works' originality the source of new selling proposals and moreover a prolific imagination, classical cultural institutions are often perturbed by unusual forms of art and a new sort of creators. Artist are important to power. 

Branding Art and Art's Brandings

Artist's style is a sort of signature, the indelible label of his particular personality. The personal label of artists, and moreover of great artists, is a sign of distinction. Big brands are obviously interested by them. From the art marketing to the triumph of advertising, passing by Lanvin Chocolate, here is a study that explores the links between artists and brands and that gives us a series of captivating examples.   


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Art and Luxury

In order to overcome challenges of today's market (banalization liked to mass production), the luxury industry uses the support of contemporary artists. This is a very interesting file that explores through various fascinating examples on the one hand, the use of contemporary art in the luxury production and in the other hand, this use inside the communication programs of luxury brands. 


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Can the animation industry be relocated in France ? 

Offshoring centers of creation or ideas' production is certainly a loss of economical power. Thus, gathering animation film (among other) production teams around urban poles is a very good and viable idea. This file deals with that key sector, one of the most important audiovisual sectors in France since exportations are more important than importations.   

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Institutionalizing Street Art 

For a long-time considered as an anti-establishment art, or often related to delinquency, and thus out of the art market, the street art has from now on its place inside the classical cultural institutions. What does the message of the artists become when the have entered the art market circuits ? In contradiction with the original nature of this kind of art, a urban creation against authority in all its forms, street artists are seldom out of the galleries. Street art leads us to consider who are the actors and where are the centers of power of culture.

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Digital Technologies influence on the Artistic and Cultural Practices

Thanks to the rapid access to information, Digital technologies are opening new dynamic paths, as well as to the products and transmission of knowledge. Mastering these technologies, understanding their autonomous and initiative-based nature allow the barriers between creator and spectator, between producer and consumer, to become more and more pervious. New categories are surfacing and they disrupt the regular functioning of certain institutions. After analysing these artistic and cultural practices, the article concludes on the example of the Gaité lyrique, a place of exchange between these new technologies, art and the audience.

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