Why become a partner?

Since its creation in 2008, the Forum d’Avignon has become a key place of international encounters and debates on the links between culture, creative industries, economy and social cohesion. Throughout the year and during the events organized by the Forum d’Avignon, more than a thousand participants from all around the world discuss the major current issues between culture and economy, and formulate concrete proposals. The conclusions from these debates influence the decision of companies, political circles and the wider group of decision-makers and intellecutals, integrating the numerous aspects of culture within their field of thought. The think-tank has become an essential center for stirring of policy and public-private cultural strategies. 

The Forum d’Avignon implicates numerous decision-makers from different spheres: economy, culture and media. A network and a place of exchange, the Forum allows a debate on strategic issues, to confront the viewpoints of experts and to bring out different international angles of approach on a same subject between philosophers, artists, economists, public and private decision-makers.

All are partners are associated with our working sessions organized around the yeart with the partner consulting firms of the Forum d’Avignon international.

As a partner, you will have access to exclusive surveys, a diversified and open international network, a unique manifestation – the only one to gather all decision-makers of culture, economy and innovation.

To support the Forum d’Avignon is also to support a think-tank that is unique of its kind, to participate in elaborating innovative straties and ideas to promote culture and creative industries by developing their links with the economy and their key role in building social cohesion.

The Forum d’Avignon for companies is an opportunity to highlight and valorize their cultural and economic activities.

The entire team of the Forum d’Avignon is at your service

to offer a « individually tailored » partnership.