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The Forum d’Avignon involves many decision makers from the economic, cultural, and the media worlds. Network and place of interactions, it gives an opportunity to debate on strategic stakes, to compare points of view of experts and dispose different and international view angles on a same subject : philosophers, artists, economists, public and private decision makers…

All our partners are associated during the year to the task groups organized with international consultancy firms. Being partner means  obtaining exclusive studies, reach a diverse and open international network, participate to a unique event, the only one that gather decision makers from the cultural, economic and media worlds.

Becoming a member and a partner


The diversity of partners and patrons represents the Forum : international, public and private, multidisciplinary. Banks, media, communication groups, institutional, distributors, consulting firms, commissioners, carriers are all present during the event. Financial support, media partners, study partners, fringe contributors, sponsors and partners take an active part in the working groups and constitute a network and spread the ambitions of the Forum d'Avignon.

Why backing the Forum d'Avignon ?

Supporting the Forum d'Avignon means supporting a unique think tank, take part in the elaboration of innovative strategies and ideas, promote culture and creative industries and their fruitful connections with the economy, and as an essential ferment of social cohesion. The Forum d'Avignon is the opportunity for companies to be actively involved in a unique international event in the field of media, culture and economy. it is also an opportunity for all companies to encourage the influence of their actions both in the fields of culture and economy. 
The team of the Forum d'Avignon is at your disposal for any information regarding a partnership.

Since its creation in 2008, the Forum d'Avignon became a key location at the international level for discussion and debate on the links between culture, creative industries, economy and social cohesion. Throughout the year and during the events of the Forum d'Avignon, more than a thousand participants from around the world discuss the major topics of culture and economy, and make concrete proposals.

The results of these discussions influence decisions of business leaders, political circles and a wider community of policy makers and intellectuals, integrating the various facets of culture in the field of their thoughts.

The think tank has become a vital space for the arousal of public and private cultural policies and strategies.

" Cultural Commitment is to be totally rethought "
Axel Dauchez, President of Deezer - ArteTv JT, 2012

" A French think-tank that devotes three days to the Consideration of such matters as ‘Culture in weight- lessness’, ‘is the diversity of publics a strategic goal?’, ‘the taste of time’ and ‘the imaginary museum’ might seem perfectly designed to supply easy gibes for british anti-intelleCtuals.
In fact, the annual forum was a joyous, stimulating and hopeful occasion. " The times, 2012

" If we succeed in convincing public authorities, firms and citizens that these stakes are at the very heart of our economy, then indeed, culture may help to take the way out of the current crisis "
Irina Bokova, General Director of Unesco - Le Monde, 2012

" An industrial renewal Cannot happen without a Creative renewal "
Aurélie Filippetti, Communication and Culture French Minister during the opening of the Forum d’Avignon 2012 – AFP

" Culture is not expensive: it's the absence of Culture which is "
Christophe Ono-Dit-Biot, Journalist and Writer - Le Point, 2012

" Can you imagine a conference here in the united states, with all sorts of artists and thinkers, Coming together just to talk about the future of culture?
It is hard for me to imagine. But such a forum exists in France. "
Liza Donnelly, Artist -, 2012

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