Neuflize OBC

Because it is convinced in the dynamic of an event which focuses on the idea that culture feeds economy, Banque Neuflize OBC reinforces its essential role in supporting French cultural field by going into partnership with the Forum d’Avignon in 2014 for the sixth consecutive year.

Neuflize OBC is the historical private banking for traditional families and entrepreneurs in France. Because it helps the creation of value and preservation of the heritage of its customers, its organization is focused on the entrepreneur through an integrated approach to the management of his private and professional wealth. Its strong expertise in many areas: image production, health, media and communication, financial entrepreneurs, Art sector, Foundations & Associations, Luxury diamond enables it to stand as a central organization in French economic landscape.

In the continuation of its business, Banque Neuflize OBC supports contemporary creation and artistic heritage preservation helping cultural institutions and artists in the field of cinematography, photography and plastic art.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas has a presence in 75 countries with more than 180,000 employees, including more than 140,000 in Europe. It ranks highly in its three core activities: Retail Banking, Investment Solutions and Corporate & Investment Banking. In Europe, the Group has four domestic markets (Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg) and BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the leader in consumer lending. BNP Paribas is rolling out its integrated retail banking model across Mediterranean basin countries, in Turkey, in Eastern Europe and a large network in the western part of the United States. In its Corporate & Investment Banking and Investment Solutions activities, BNP Paribas also enjoys top positions in Europe, a strong presence in the Americas and solid and fast-growing businesses in Asia-Pacific.

Dassault systèmes

Dassault Systèmes’ Passion for Innovation Institute is a 3D software publishing leader and a DoTank whose purpose is to make the wildest dreams come true. Following the projects co-created by the Passion for Innovation team for ten years, the Institute mission is to coproduce and share disruptive innovations combining art, science and technology.

The Institute’s approach lies in four actions:

  • Provoking by questioning the status quo and forming unexpected unions within culture, education & research fields.
  • Co-creating value with our partners by coproducing projects which make imaginaries real.
  • Preserving memory, life & nature.
  • Sharing our innovations collections broadly and in the long-term (architectural heritage, living arts, archaeology, astrophysics, …).

By supporting the Forum d’Avignon, the Institute wants to foster the exchange of ideas around creative industries and encourage the development of this promising economic and innovative sector.


The numeric world is constantly evolving creating new approaches and ways of using digital tools. In this context personal data management has become an important societal, economic and cultural stake.

As a trusted telecom operator, Orange has wished put in place responsible governance that ensures the individuals respect through a charter and a data governance board, a structure dedicated to data uses, that aimed to offer our customers the security and control of their data and their use.

In addition, Orange has the ambition to give everyone access to the infinite benefits of “big” and “open data” through innovative projects.

Through those projects, those data (around health local development and culture) are reproduced in an intelligent way that makes their usage more engaging and attractive.

More than ever, we want to actively contribute to the co-creation of tomorrow’s numerical world in a transparent and respectful way.


Since 2008, EY has figured out for the Forum d’Avignon changes inside media and creative industries linked to the digital revolution that impacted the intellectual property, monetization or the tempo between creation and distribution.

The resulting ecosystem that had progressively gained a new balance between the digital champions, the telecom operators and the media companies is significantly challenged by the revolution of Big data. This breathtakingly fast amount of data can only be understood by a few stakeholders who now access to a powerful lever to control and predict. The new market revolving around personal cultural data has seen many new digital stakeholders coming as explained in the EY study for the Forum d’Avignon 2013: “Cultural behaviour and personal data at the heart of the Big Data industry. Finding the right balance between privacy and innovation”.

It is time to define a legal and ethical framework where, after a debate between citizens, businesses and regulators, this data can serve development and long-term growth. 

L’Atelier BNP Paribas

For 36 years, L’Atelier BNP Paribas has been identifying disruptive innovations that signal major changes for industries, and has been aiding companies to transform these innovations into operational projects.

Backed by the BNP Paribas Group, L’Atelier scouts the sector of technical innovations in all fields in order to identify new use-cases, and reveals the full potential for companies, and for society as a whole.

The originality of its technology watch process is based upon its presence in three major innovation hotspots (Paris, San Francisco and Shanghai), and on its cross-industry approach to operating beyond the frontiers of the banking sector.

As well as being a reputed producer of prospective and influential content (website, radio), and a crossroads for the exchange and sharing of information (conferences, immersive programs with local players), L’Atelier is also a provider of digital strategy consulting for large corporations. Finally, the Atelier Lab’s open innovation approach completes the package by connecting innovative entrepreneurs and major corporations to accelerate the development of their shared projects.

On the occasion of the Forum d’Avignon@Paris, BNP Paribas is happy to take part to the debates with the contribution of L’Atelier to the debate “The Smart City: how cultural data contributes to improve our urban everyday life?”.

Kurt Salmon

Kurt Salmon is a global management consulting firm dedicated to building the market leaders of tomorrow. More than just partnering with our clients, we ally with them, integrating ourselves seamlessly into their organizations in order to develop innovative, customized solutions for their 21st-century business issues.

Succeeding in today’s increasingly complex, consumer-driven environment is an enormous challenge. But companies need to look beyond today; they need to position themselves for continued success in the even more uncertain future. That’s where Kurt Salmon comes in.

We call it delivering “success for what’s next.” The results are transformative.

As a trusted advisor, Kurt Salmon is a “thought” partner of Forum d’Avignon since 2009.


Founded in 2002, Artcurial confirmed its position as the leading French auction house in 2013 with 123 sales organised across 20 specialist departments. In 2013 the auction house achieved an overall sales total of 178.1 million euros, representing an increase of 24% on 2012.

Thanks to its uninterrupted success in 2014 Artcurial has kept up its development and strengthened its offer across 20th Century fields with new specialities such as Photography, Limited Editions and Tribal Art. With a strong international bias, Artcurial maintains its presence abroad with offices in Milan, Vienna and Brussels, and touring exhibitions in the United States and Asia.

Since its creation, Artcurial has always been willing to become a place of cultural and artistic dialogue. The auction house continues the development of its cultural activities by supporting different institutions and entities such as : ADIAF, Prix Marcel Duchamp, Fondation Guerlain or Espace Musées at Roissy Airport…

The success of the auction house relies also on trust of buyers and sellers in France and abroad. In 2013, the foreign customers represented 70% of the overall sales. Wealth of an international clientele, it is essential for Artcurial to protect and improve confidentiality and personal data of its customers as well as their treatment.

Artcurial is delighted to be partner of the Forum d’Avignon@Paris for this first cultural forum completely dedicated to data.


What does data refer to? Nowadays nobody can forget that data is a crucial element of the digital society. Sometimes we can hear it called the black gold pointing at the monetization of our privacies.  Hopefully the Big data or the Learning machine promises open the way towards innovations that are beneficial to all. Microsoft is entirely committed in this way of societal and economic opportunities, reinforcing hope for growth and progress, access to culture and knowledge. That is why we have wanted to be partner with the Forum d’Avignon and with its reflection about responsible uses of the data. Revelations from Snowden suddenly attested what the technologic hubris enables when the State of right is not known. We have to remind that the digital at the service of the progress necessitates our values and our fundamental rights to prevail over technology and it should not be the reverse. This is not only concerning spying issues. Some private organisations own more information about us than many States do. Whatever new transhumanism prophets can think, the limitless exploitation of data it is like taking the risk of improves discrimination, content handling, coercion toward the freedom of opinion and threatening cultural diversity. The threat can come from a public power or  private entities. The digital ethic of which we are needed meet a true civilisation stake to give the individual power to drive his life. 

SACEM (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique)

Created and managed by music authors, composers and publishers, Sacem (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) is a non-profit private company which account for more than 150,000 members and represents a varied worldwide repertoire of more than 80 million works. Its primary mission is to collect and distribute authors’ rights of French and foreign authors, composers and publishers every times their works are broadcasted. For over 50 years, it has been operating a strong cultural action policy supporting artistic careers; stimulating the broadcasting of artistic works and helping young professionals enter artistic employment. With over 18,220 members from countries outside France and the second-largest export repertoire, Sacem is an international company committed to encouraging and promoting creativity in all its diversity. As a partner of Forum d’Avignon for many years, Sacem is delighted to support the Forum d’Avignon @Paris.

Scam (Société civile des auteurs multimédia)

The use of personal data is a major stake set between two extremes, fears from the ones and desires from others, fears from the firsts being often born from desires of the seconds. Even in his most insane dreams, Orwell did not imagine in 1984 the big data, this personal data spread online with or without our consent and which is now part of our digital DNA.

 The directors of documentaries, reports, journalists, authors and photographers… are all creators who work on the world reality and de facto on the social cohesion; the 35 000  creators affiliated to the Scam are especially sensitive to the use of personal cultural data, in particular the works that the Internet user like (or not), his tastes, moods and desires… This accumulation of information and their exploitation raise a considerable amount of questions.

Beyond ethical accounts yielded by trading use of works, there is another stake: the one of produced and broadcasted works only in view of the internet user and consumers recommendations. The diversity of creation is at core of this debate which is calling to creator’s mind generally and to the Scam ones particularly.


fifty-five helps advertisers leverage their data, from gathering to activation. We help organisations – enterprises, media groups, institutions, etc. – become truly multi-channel entities, perfectly adapted to a digitised economy. Through measurement, analysis, and the systematic activation of data, we help them gain a deeper understanding of their users in order to better match supply with demand, and to improve overall user experience.

We are convinced that the emergence of a data-driven society holds tremendous opportunities for the future, such as efficiency gains, greater performance accountability, and the acceleration of innovation. Therefore, we guide our clients towards harnessing the data available, both inside and outside of their organisations. Our ambition is to bring data issues, otherwise deemed too technical, to the very heart of marketing and strategy, and beyond the sole sphere of expertise, to allow for the transformation of society as a whole. Our support for the Forum d’Avignon is in line with our goal of promoting the development of a data culture founded on solid, global ethical principles.