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ARTE is a French-German channel, which purpose is to bring European nations close together through culture; at the core of ARTE relies the idea that culture, arts and science are the very cement of understanding and the seeds of friendship between peoples. This unique television channel releases bilingual versions of all of its programs designed for French, German and European viewers.

ARTE commits to achieve its cultural mission in the digital world, whereby it therefore spreads its strong values by adapting its programs to the various screens, with enriched contents through 5 web service offerings (ARTE Creative, ARTE Concert, ARTE Future, ARTE Info, ARTE Cinéma). As a pioneer in development and digital contents, ARTE aims at being a cultural European reference on the Internet by defending a supply rather than a demand logic, by fostering discovery rather than repetition and by always giving priority to an editorial and human recommendation over the use of automated algorithms.

As a partner of the Forum d’Avignon for several years now, ARTE has therefore renewed its support to this event by joining this unprecedented initiative of a 100% Data cultural forum. Our team will cover the event on the new digital offer dedicated to news (ARTE Info) and Agnès Lanoë, the Director of Foresight Strategy, will lead a round table on cultural data.

France Culture

France Culture ensures its support every year to numerous cultural and scientific quality events.

As a real exception in the media world since its creation in December 1963, France Culture has never had as much audience and influence as today.

France Culture Plus, France Culture Papiers, France Culture Forums… Beyond the radio that gathers everyday more than 1 million listeners, the France Culture galaxy keeps in astounding and developing itself.

Know everything, listen to everything,

France Médias Monde

The France Médias Monde group encompasses France 24, the trilingual news TV channel; RFI, the international radio station; and Monte Carlo Doualiya, the Arabic-language radio station. These three channels broadcast from Paris to 5 continents in 14 languages.

The group’s journalists and its unrivalled network of correspondents bring viewers and listeners comprehensive coverage of world events, with a focus on cultural diversity and contrasting viewpoints, via news bulletins, reports, magazines and debates.

The Forum d’Avignon @Paris is at the crossroads between culture, economy and digital technology – and the France Médias Monde group’s channels have naturally decided to be associated with this milestone event along the same lines as in the past. France Médias Monde has been working side by side with the Forum d’Avignon from the start, sharing its expertise during the exchanges there and broadcasting them far and wide on its channels and websites.  

FrenchWeb, the magazine for digital professionals is bringing together a community of more than 35 000 professionals, entrepreneurs and experts. You would find here: news, files, studies, interviews, video-report or podcasts… Frenchweb offers also several on and offline services: a specialized jobboard in digital professions, the Frenchweb@Workshop, a diary that keeps you informed about all the web events, and the Frenchweb CLUB.

Frenchweb supports the original and not often addressed initiative by the Forum d’Avignon @Paris, which consists in bringing a ‘cultural’ extent to the big data stakes. By this support, Frenchweb hopes to ease innovative ideas in the cultural field this time. The Forum d’Avignon @Paris adresses start-ups, artists, companies’ founders or students, which are the stakeholders that Frenchweb aimed to promote. For that reason, promoting this economic sector future and innovations-oriented, Frenchweb is getting involved with the Forum d’Avignon @Paris 100% Data.


The Forum d’Avignon is at the meeting point between two worlds. If there is an event which could make you thinks, it is this one, the Forum d’Avignon ! This annual appointment has become in little time a meeting not inescapable but unshakeable as by the level of the participant as by the issues addressed. INfluencia, beyond the intelligence diffused by our media, identify itself with this vision for a new, awaken, humanist, sensible and committed world. If we were not partner with the Forum d’Avignon, it would not be prejudicial; it would only be a professional misconduct.

Isabelle Musnik, founder and managing director

and Gaël Clouzard, editor-in-chief


La Croix

Bayard, supported by 4.5 million of subscribers and 10 million of connections is a press company familiar with data issues. Since their origins, our magazines, our daily La Croix, have kept on being concerned about their readers. They are at the core of our creative process. The children, the teenagers, the adults are continually welcomed to react, speak with us about their lives, their hopes, and sometimes their doubts. Data, in which we are interested above all, are the ones that are speaking about life in its building process. This is the thousands of drawings received in an editorial board for young in which children tell the world they hope for tomorrow. This is the daily sent posts that we are reading every day, as an actual barometer of the “people’s mood over time”. This data are a living, embodied and creative matter of enrichment for our editorial production. This is semantics data, sent with passion by our readers. The press is a supply market and the most important for all of those who work for it, journalists, marketers, and publicists, is to make this vital link between a journal and its readers alive.


Relaxnews is the first source of leisure news. A Source of consulting, content, content management and technology, Relaxnews develops standard or customized content for digital mediums: websites, social networks, mobile and tablets applications, the written press and public posters. Relaxnews launched the first rich media news thread dedicated to international leisure news and covers several themes: well-being, house & home, entertainment and tourism. This thread (in partnership with the AFP) is available through subscription on a worldwide-scale, under the name “AFP-Relaxnews”.  Thanks to his branch Relaxevents, he also offers an access to all the French touristical and cultural information.

Relaxnews is convinced that technology in general, and data mining in particular, are the future of information content production in all fields, as long as it is done in a strict and absolute respect of the individuals. Data mining enables the personalization of information and its selection with an extreme precision never equaled before. But is has to be used willfully and reasonably. 


Present in more than 200 countries and broadcasted to 257 million connected homes, TV5MONDE is also available on screens everywhere. Under the « TV5MONDE+ label », TV5MONDE has developed an innovative offer: catch-up TV, video on-demand, themed WebTV, digital platform for French-language films and documentaries on demand, and applications for mobiles and smart TV…The channel offers plenty of programmes and services, shared on the most popular social networks. Furthermore, TV5MONDE has been developing a free, interactive multimedia system for learning and teaching French, for 20 years now.

TV5MONDE offers also innovative and proactive web projects, designed and produced specially for the Internet to contribute significantly to its diversification.

Attentive to any cultural and artistic innovation, it is only natural for TV5MONDE to support once again the Forum d’Avignon, in its new edition 100 % data.

With Big data and the boom in produced and recollected data volumes, a big part of which is personal, as well as its use with diverse aims, particularly commercial ones, the issue of the balance between its valuation and the protection for individual liberties more than ever comes up.

In order to debate about the cultural, technologic and economic stakes about personal data in the age of data economy, joins its forces as media partner, with the first cultural forum 100% Data organised by the Forum d’Avignon @Paris.

ZDNet proposes both local and global news coverage and analyses about computer science and telecom industries tendencies to keep the professionals and IT decision-makers informed and to assist them in the purchase process. Whether they remain at the first step of their option researches or are in a solution optimisation phase, ZDNet is supporting them through the whole process.