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The partners of the Forum d’Avignon@Paris’ cultural data village


Written on Friday the 13th of June 2014 by the artists Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque, the DataDaDa Manifesto expresses their opposition to Data being progressively considered as mere digital bits of information. Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque wish to wrap, powder, decorate, style and envelop Data with the influence of the Dada art movement.


Clear Channel France is a subsidiary of Clear Channel Outdoor, one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies. With 120 000 displays and a turnover of €256 million, France is the second largest market of the group.




The start-up which engineers Human-Data interactions. We connect users to data through interfaces: web and mobile applications, software, editorial content, creative installations, etc. We help people to understand, operate and communicate their data. We translate data into experiences, to share narratives, support new uses, and make sense of a world increasingly shaped by algorithms.


Since 2008, EY has figured out for the Forum d’Avignon changes inside media and creative industries linked to the digital revolution that impacted the intellectual property, monetization or the tempo between creation and distribution. 




At InsidePic we understand that images are the most engaging and widely shared media content on the internet with around 3000 billion images available online. InsidePic is an innovative web platform which specialized in marketing and distribution of sponsored content in images.




MOBEN FACT is a cultural research and innovation enterprise that develops,  supports and enhances the work of its founder Maurice Benayoun, aka Moben.  As a digital pioneer, Maurice Benayoun has, for the last 20 years, been at the  forefront of media practice, designing and developing innovative works in the  fields of art, technology, media and culture.


The numeric world is constantly evolving creating new approaches and ways of using digital tools. In this context personal data management has become an important societal, economic and cultural stake.




Making the world simpler, fairer, more beautiful: here is the project of Strate, School of Design. Small or big, private or public, personal or professional, every life situation deserves simplicity, accuracy and harmony.




User Studio is a boutique innovation agency based in Paris. Its designers and creative technologists design products and services for various sectors, from connected products, to online banking or sustainable energy consumption. User Studio carries its vision of a delightful future, in which products and services are smart, appealing, and offer amazing experiences to their users.


Established as a non-profit organization, Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital transformation. We are trusted by over 800 valued members: 670 innovative SMEs, 50 major corporations, 70 institutions of higher education and 12 capital investors. Cap Digital aims at promoting the Paris Region as one of the world leaders in digital contents, creative industries and services. 


The members of CAP DIGITAL present at the Forum d’Avignon@Paris :


At Blitzr we rely on metadata to unify and to bring order to music. Blitzr combines the different flavors of all the existing dispatched music services, data and media into a new single and user-friendly interface. Backed by a semantic search engine, Blitzr offers a 360 degrees perspective on music (infinite listening, discographies, biographies, news, events and all others available contextual data) and features the first price comparison service dedicated to music.


During the French Revolution, some of the artwork confiscated from religious institutions in Paris was consigned in a storage facility under the custody of Alexandre Lenoir. He decided to make it a museum.




A European agency dedicated to culture, technologies and social innovation, Dédale initiates a process of supporting urban projets and territorial development valuing the tangible and intangible heritage, in the frame of SmartCity, its laboratory for urban innovation.




FlameFy is a web and mobile interactive, personalized storytelling solution enabling authors, artists and brands to produce and distribute transmedia experiences in a really disruptive way.





Taking part in Data Village of the Forum of Avignon@Paris, KANTAR MEDIA Ad Intelligence has the opportunity to present Bee Music. An innovated project of R&D selected by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the DGCIS department to improve the official musical database (BIPP) composed of digital and physical musical references saleable in France. 


Sirius Productions implements innovative projects that allow amateurs to make creations in collaboration with artists and professionals. The SIRIUS Association PRODUCTIONS struggle for opening by offering beyond the borders of neighborhoods to meet other jurisdictions. 




UFO is « collaborative urbanism » start-up funded by architects in 2009. Collaborativ urbanism is a set of methods and digital tools rising collective intelligence concerning urban projects.





Fondée en 2007, XiLabs est une start-up parisienne qui réalise des «SmartGames» - jeux qui ajoutent à la vie quotidienne une dimension ludique et transforment un lieu, pour un temps limité, en un espace surprenant. Les «SmartGames» sont basés sur l’interaction de l’utilisateur avec son environnement. Tout en se laissant guider par son smartphone, le joueur se déplace physiquement dans le lieu à mettre en valeur.