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Open Invitation to INfluencia : When culture nourishes the brand experience

Talents Awards, sponsoring of cultural events, new forms of interactions : never as before the brands have been so much invested in the cultural sphere. A valued image and new sources of engagement with their audiences can be found in the end.

Friday October 11th, 2013, at MAMO Marseille, the opening of the exhibition "Résidence Secondaire" is an opportunity to celebrate the 13 winners of the "contemporary art and design" price of the Audi Talents Awards. A program whose ambition is to promote one of the strong values of the firms ​​: the avant-gardism. "If this concept was clearly inscribed in our product strategy through continuous innovations - it has signed our communications for 32 years - we wanted to promote it at a higher scale" says Benoit Tiers, Managing Director of Audi France. Identifying young talents, supporting them during one full year in the realization of one of their projects, enabling them to be exposed, those are the goals of the program launched by Audi France six years ago. In addition, this operation allows the car manufacturer to enhance its image towards its target. "I do not think this program will allow us to sell more cars. However, it clearly fits with Audi in the field of technological innovation, but also as a pioneer, a discoverer of new talents. This support for young designers allows us to share with our customers future trends, to appreciate them before all the rest of world, to feel like the world is moving, "says Benoit Tiers.

Weddings per affinity

By building a partnership with the creation world, and more globally with culture, brands have found a new medium to express and to show their creativity and to find new depth in the relation to their customers. While yesterday the marriage between brands and artists was considered as unnatural by public opinion, now, it is seen as a source of profit and mutual commitments by all the stakeholders. Encouraging young people to give some hours of their time to earn a place for a concert with the "Orange RockCorps" program, Orange has understood all the benefices that he could get in terms of benevolence.

Same situation for its rival SFR, partner for nine years with the Arles meetings and many musical events. "Culture can address his audiences through a relationship now uninhibited and cleared from business environment. Without being able to measure it, we know that individuals who participate in our events have good intentions with the brand" says Sander Cisinski, responsible sponsorship and partnership - SFR Young Talents Program, recognizing also that it is not sufficient for the brand to simply affix its logo on a poster to trigger emotion. "We must be cultural agents, partners that help talents, but also communities to develop their projects".

An opinion shared by François Ridoret, Director of Marketing Diesel. "The brand has its roots in urban creativity. Very naturally, it explores since its creation the fields of design, visual arts, cinema, music. In the past, we have supported artists of Street Art through the operation Diesel Wall, we have also created an international platform for music creation Diesel: U: Music, DUM. Today, with the project Diesel Reboot, led by our artistic director Nicolas Formichetti, we move to another format."

In order to promote emerging artists, this international project has then attracted 12,000 of them. Some of them are now the ambassadors of the brand and its new campaign. Not content only to bring a rare visibility to selected artists, this initiative will undoubtedly helped to give a new creative credit to the brand.

From co-branding to co-production

With its program "Passion for Innovation", whose purpose is to use the know- how and technologies invented by the industry to the service of culture, Dassault Systèmes pushes the cursor further. When the dancers Marie- Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault start stage their new creation "Mr and Mrs Dream" next March on the Rex, Dassault Systèmes will be the third character. The dream world in which the two dancers move is fully imagined and created by Catia, the 3D software developed by the manufacturer. "At the origin of the program Passion for Innovation, there is a certainty. Our software can add value to the world of culture and science. Bringing our technology to the general audience is of course rubbing with these issues in virtual reality, it is also for Dassault Systèmes an answer to the issues of tomorrow. Finally, controlling the engineering of a cultural project is a way to drive innovation" affirms Mehdi Tayoubi, vice president of digital and experiential strategy of Dassault Systèmes. Outside and within the walls of the company.


By Rita Mazzoli

To be published in INfluencia n°7 October/december 2013


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