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Open invitation to INfluencia : Culture, a very high branding guest ?

We are in tune with the Forum d’Avignon since the very first meeting between our two entities. Why? INfluencia has always worked to engage its readers – mainly professionals – to create and communicate. And as a media, specialized in communication, marketing and trends, it is necessary to provide them responsible information. Finally, it is the duty of brands to speak with sense and intelligence to consumers because one citizen is behind each of them.

To institute culture at the heart of communication devices is an evidence today. But it is still not the case for many economic actors, too focused on propaganda messages without real reflections concerning their targets and markets. The road ahead is huge but far to be insurmountable…

And now, culture is no longer an area reserved for an elite, who with the pretext to give itself a clean conscience or to reduce its taxation, offers itself a dancer ... Now, culture affects everyone and the whole world is trying to change taking into account culture. Brands and companies have realized that it was a real challenge for society. There is a place for communication related to culture, mixing shareholders, employees and customers. Culture is no longer a luxury or an excuse, it is a strategy ... A strategy that will allow our fellows to rise into forgotten or unexplored thoughts...

Gaël Clouzard, associate and editor in chief of INfluencia.


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