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Open Invitation to Cineuropa : Cinema and Europe

Cineuropa and the Forum d’Avignon associate for an open invitation on Cinema and Europe.

In a world that changes hastily, European cinema today has to face many challenges. There is a constant transformation in the way films are distributed and consumed because of the new supports and platforms brought by the digital shift. The latter has also a deep impact on cultural habits, with social medias becoming more important than traditional critics for film recommendations.

There is also growing pressure coming from new film markets in cutthroat competition to assert themselves at a global level. Often the legal frameworks do not keep up with these rapid changes, therefore preventing European cinema from fully taking advantage of all its possibilities.

For the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, Cineuropa and the Forum d’Avignon have launched a White Card on cinema in Europe. With a selection of articles, the White Card intends to give a comprehensive overview of what are the major issues at stake for the European film industry today.

Many changes have to be made at the European level. Lately the European Commission has run a preparatory action for Culture in the EU external relations, which in the end did not bring anything new beyond what has already been done. If the cultural sector wishes to carry its weight globally, it needs first and foremost to be strengthened within Europe.

What needs to be done? First of all, some key principles should be adopted by the EU in the field of fiscal policies, to prevent tax loopholes and fraud evasion schemes, and in the field of copyright, in order to make the most of digital exploitation. Professionals should also organise themselves better to be represented at the European level and make their voices heard, so that decisions can be taken and programmes can be shaped according to their needs.

Among the selection of articles proposed by the Forum, the report For a Europe of Culture draws a synthesis of the current debates and of the EU programmes supporting the cultural sector, adding proposals and manifestos by the Forum.

Another issue included in the White Card is the environmental impact of filmmaking. As there is a global growing concern about it, Cineuropa has decided to include reports on green film shooting in the White Card, because the film industry should also make an effort to produce in a greener way. 




This year, the Forum d'Avignon is associated with Cineuropa, the first portal dedicated to cinema and audiovisual, for a white card on "Cinema and Europe".

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