Who is Bruno Perrin ?

Bruno has been working as an EY(formerly Ernst & Young) Partner in the Media Industry for the past 30 years and is the Market’s leader for Telecom, Media and Technology for France, north Africa and Luxemburg. Bruno is member of the EY Media advisory panel at global level. In the M&E Industry Bruno has been or is the client Partner in charge of several major actors on the French market in the following sectors : motion picture, publishing, broadcasting, advertising and events. Bruno is also Partner on several large international clients for France or Europe. He lead significant strategic diagnostics for broadcasters and participated in various finance performance reviews. Bruno is a member of the Think Tank Forum d’ Avignon since day one and participated in the previous studies Monetizing Digital Media, Intellectual Property and Finding the right balance between privacy and innovation in the use of cultural Big Data. Bruno was educated in France, he is a graduate from the Lyon Management School and a statutory auditor.