Who is Chawki Gaddes?

Executive secretary

International Academy for Constitutional Law (IACL)

Chawki Gaddes is Tunisian and was born in 1961. He graduated from the Tunisian University in public law and from the International Academy for Constitutional Law. He is now the executive secretary of the Tunisian Association for Constitutional Law. He gives lectures in human rights and in information and communication technology law at the University of Carthage, as well as in the Ecole supérieure de guerre of the Ministry of Defense.

As a very active member of the civil society, he is a member of the investigation commission on the revolution events in 2011. He was in charge of the international assistance coordination from March to July 2011. He was member of the cabinet of the president of the ISIE in 2011 until July 2011. He was in charge within the ATDC to conduct the observatory mission established by the association on the occasion of the 23rd October 2011’ elections.

Throughout the whole enactment process, and was the organizer of ATCD study days around the drafts of the constitution.

He is part of the byte of the civil society who enacted the 75 electoral recommendations in 2013 contributing to the elaboration of the electoral code by the ANC.

He conducted training cycles in the electoral field and observation for civil society associations members, journalists and political parties officials.

Over the past few years, he gave many conferences in Tunisia and abroad on the transitional and the electoral processes.

His personal website includes the transition’s fundamental texts as well as a page dedicated to 2014 elections and another with all his publications and PowerPoint presentations: www.chawki.gaddes.org