Who is François Taddei?


Center for research and interdisciplinarity (CRI)

François Taddei is a researcher in evolutionary systems biology and an expert on the future of research and education. He has created bachelor, master & PhD programs in the Center for Research and Interdisciplinary in Paris.

He conducted learning through research experiment in a primary school located in an underprivileged area. Schoolchildren worked with two of France’s leading myrmecologists exploring the frontiers of knowledge. The students were empowered to be actors of their own learning process and their findings about science and themselves triggered the desire to be effective actors in a global society. This experiment is already spreading through Paris where kids and PhD students work hands in hands in 44 learning through research weekly workshops.

François Taddei has taken the lead of the Institute for Learning Through Research that has been selected in March 2012 by the International Scientific Committee of the National Innovative Training Program (IDEFI) of the French ministry of research. François Taddei participates in various working groups on the future of research and education (« France 2025 », OECD report…).  He holds the UNESCO Chair “Learning sciences”.