Who is Jon Rappaport?

CEO & co-founder


Jon Rappaport is the CEO & co-founder of CIRPLE, a market-focused social media & brand engagement platform harnessing the collaborative energy generated within Social Business Ecosystems.  The USA-based company is dedicated to respecting the principles of user privacy, focus & trust. Mr. Rappaport is an innovative technology executive and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of international strategic business development experience creating new markets & technologies in complex integrated environments.  A highly motivated and globally connected thought leader, he has a history of creating & managing cutting-edge ventures, engaged in social media, smart grid, demand response, digital home, automation & control networks, and enterprise software platforms.  Jon Rappaport has served in numerous board positions advising start-up ventures and founded a non-profit standards organization in the energy & utility sector (USNAP Alliance), now a CEA/ANSI standard.