Who is Cécile Portier?

Civil Administrator

Department of Culture

Cécile Portier is a civil administrator for the French Department of Culture. In parallel she is pursuing a career as writer; she has released two books (Contact, published by Le Seuil and Antalgos, travaux de terrassement du rêve, at Publie.net) and many columns in different literary periodicals.

She is holding a blog named www.petiteracine.net and try to answer how nowadays social issues and privacy are linked together.

She is carrying a project of “increased writing” aiming to ask the rising data settings of our lives and of the real through fiction. This three-part work has already achieved two fulfilments: “Simple Appareil®”, striptease from a woman through figures, “Tracking print”, common fiction of a statistical people. And the webfiction “Etantdonnee.net”, a work in progress, poetic intent to recollect the life of an amnesic woman thanks to her digital prints.