Who is Amit Khanna?


Reliance Entertainment

Amit Khanna started his film career as an Executive Producer with Actor ‘ Producer, Dev Anand's ‘NAV KETAN’ in 1971. He has written lyrics for 400 film & non-film songs including many all-time hits as well as a dozen feature film scripts which include award winning films like SAARANSH. He also directed India’s first music video with Nazia & Zoeb Hassan in 1984. He pioneered Business News on Indian Television. In 1980, he produced his first feature film ‘MAN PASAND". In the Eighties, he wrote and directed critically acclaimed films "SHEESHAY KA GHAR" and "SHESH" and several documentaries. One of the first independent Producers of TV programming in India, Amit Khanna, set up PLUS CHANNEL in 1990, India's first entertainment conglomerate where he produced 10 feature films, over 3000 hours of original TV programming and over 1000 music albums in various genres and languages. Amit Khanna has been involved with media since school. He has worked in Theatre, Radio, Television, Journalism, Films and new Media. He is a pioneer in the Converged Media space.