Who is Camille Besse?


Cartooning for Peace

Camille Besse has grown inside the Parisian region. After having studied for 7 years, she began her professional career as a graphic designer, and began to work as cartoonist. She has worked or is still working for Causette, Charlie Hebdo, L'Humanité, L'Humanité Dimanche, Psykopat, Bakchich, NVO, Zélium, La Maison Ecologique, Tsugi, Barricade, Arte (“28'” program), France 24, Action Contre La Faim, Médecins du Monde… Over the past year, she is leading cartoon workshops in prison, at EHPAD, and does live-drawings. In short, she has not much time to rest.

In parallel, she works in fits and starts as freelance for the communication of numerous companies.